Pablo Royer

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The CLIC (Compact Linear Collider) RF power source is based on a new scheme of electron pulse compression and bunch frequency multiplication using injection by transverse RF deflectors into an isochronous ring. In this paper, we describe the modifications needed in the present LEP Pre-Injector (LPI) complex at CERN in order to perform a low-charge test of(More)
—The usual way of modeling variability using threshold voltage shift and drain current amplification is becoming inaccurate as new sources of variability appear in sub-22nm devices. In this work we apply the four-injector approach for variability modeling to the simulation of SRAMs with predictive technology models from 20nm down to 7nm nodes. We show that(More)
The expected large variations of electrical characteristics of sub-22 nm devices represents a limitation on future electronic circuits. This is particularly relevant on RAM memories that have to ensure both read stability and write ability of all the cells. In this paper we present a 6T-SRAM designed with 14nm FinFETs that makes use of the negative bit-line(More)
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