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BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY The study aim was to assess the long-term results of the Ross procedure in the treatment of aortic valve disease. METHODS Between July 1995 and May 2006, a total of 165 patients (131 males, 34 females; mean age 39 +/- 13 years) underwent the Ross procedure using the freestanding root technique. Both, clinical and(More)
INTRODUCTION We identify the genetic and environmental factors associated to Alzheimer's disease (AD) in a population aged 80 years or greater. METHOD POPULATION STUDIED subjects who participated in the COGMANLLEU study on prevalence of cognitive deterioration in Manlleu (Osona, Central Catalonia). DESIGN nested case control studies. The subjects who(More)
Results Mean age was 39±13 years; 77% were male. The surgery was indicated due to aortic stenosis (58%) and aortic regurgitation (42%). Hospital mortality was of 2.5% (5 patients). The10-year follow-up was complete in 93% for the first 165 patients. Survival at 10 years was of 94.8% (HF 95% 89-98). Freedom of endocarditis at 10 years was of 95% (HF 95%(More)
INTRODUCTION The reported prevalence of myasthenia gravis ranges between 5 and 24 cases per 100,000, and people over 65years account for less than 50% of all cases. The prevalence and clinical characteristics of myasthenia gravis in the county of Osona were studied in patients younger and older than 65. METHODS The study draws from the county-based(More)
The prevalence of multiple sclerosis in the south of Europe seems to be higher than previously considered. This study aimed to probe a possible increase in the prevalence of multiple sclerosis (MS) in Osona over the past 17 years. This was a cross-sectional study including MS-confirmed cases from several sources of information. Crude and adjusted prevalence(More)
INTRODUCTION We want to detect the prevalence of cognitive prevalence deterioration in the elderly population of 80-years-old or older, their grade of deterioration and the causal pathogenic entity. METHOD DESIGN a cross-sectional population study, including a first phase of screening and a second one of diagnosis confirmation. STUDY SUBJECTS a total(More)
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