Pablo Romero

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PURPOSE To report the clinical, ophthalmic, and genetic characteristics for lattice corneal dystrophy type I (LCDI) in a Chilean family. METHODS Six affected family members were examined clinically including visual acuity, color cornea photography, applanation tonography, and fundoscopy. Genomic DNA was extracted from peripheral leukocytes from six(More)
In this paper we present the GoalBit platform. GoalBit is the first open source peer-to-peer system for the distribution of real-time video streams through the Internet. The main advantage of a P2P architecture is the possibility of exploiting the available bandwidth unused by the set of user' hosts connected to the network. The main difficulty is that(More)
Java program debugging was investigated in computer science students who used a software debugging environment (SDE) that provided concurrently displayed, adjacent, multiple and linked representations consisting of the program code, a visualisation of the program, and its output. The aim of this investigation was to address questions such as ‘To what extent(More)
Computer programming is generally understood to be highly challenging and since its inception a wide range of approaches, tools and methodologies have been developed to assist in managing its complexity. Relatively recently the potential benefits of collaborative software development have been formalised in the practice of pair programming. Here we attempt(More)
This paper investigates the interplay between high level debugging strategies and low level tactics in the context of a multirepresentation software development environment (SDE). It investigates three questions. 1. How do programmers integrate debugging strategies and tactics when working with SDEs? 2. What is the relationship between verbal ability, level(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous prognostic factors have been studied for survival in patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC), although there are few multivariate studies that include the histological variety of PTC. HYPOTHESIS There are prognostic factors that influence survival in a series of patients with PTC, including the histological variety, and a new(More)
Pair programming claims to provide benefits over and above those offered by a programmer working alone. In particular, a number of studies have suggested that pair programming improves software quality. The literature speculates that the ‘driver’ (the programmer currently typing in the code) and ‘navigator’ work together in a complimentary manner, and that(More)
The ‘graphicacy’ of student programmers was investigated using several cognitive tasks designed to assess ER knowledge representation at the perceptual, semantic and output levels of the cognitive system. A large corpus of external representations (ERs) was used as stimuli. The question ‘How domain-specific is the ER knowledge of programmers?’ was(More)