Pablo Rodríguez

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In order to prevent and reduce water pollution, promote a sustainable use, protect the environment and enhance the status of aquatic ecosystems, this article deals with the application of advanced mathematical techniques designed to aid in the management of records of different water quality monitoring networks. These studies include the development of a(More)
Chronic maternal stress during pregnancy has been associated with behavioral alterations that persist into adulthood. Moreover, adoption procedures performed immediately after birth can reverse these alterations. In this study, we examined the effects of prenatal restraint stress and adoption at birth (cross-fostering) on the behavioral response to an(More)
A method is presented for segmentation of anatomical structures that incorporates prior information about shape. The method iteratively applies steps which find object's border considering its properties independently from shape. The boundary is regularized taking in account the shape being extracted. Detection is not directly performed in the image but in(More)
Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC, for short) studies the problem of privacy-preserving data publishing in cases where the data is expected to be used for statistical analysis. An original dataset T containing sensitive information is transformed into a sanitized version T which is released to the public. Both utility and privacy aspects are very(More)
  • Javier Modrego, Luis Azcona, Naiara Martín-Palacios, José J. Zamorano-León, Antonio Segura, Pablo Rodríguez +4 others
  • 2013
OBJECTIVE To analyse if platelet responsiveness to aspirin (ASA) may be associated with a different ability of platelets to generate nitric oxide (NO). PATIENTS/METHODS Platelets were obtained from 50 patients with stable coronary ischemia and were divided into ASA-sensitive (n = 26) and ASA-resistant (n = 24) using a platelet functionality test(More)
—In this paper, a methodology for the optimal management of a combined irrigation and water supply system based on model predictive control (MPC) is proposed. A control-oriented modelling methodology for this type of systems is presented as well. MPC is used to generate flow control strategies from the sources to the consumer and irrigation areas to meet(More)
Addition of carboxylic acid dianions to bromoacetonitrile lead, in good yields, to the corresponding γ-cyanoacids, which on hydrogenation yielded γ-aminoacids. This two step methodology improves upon previously described results. Poor e.e's resulted from our attempts to drive the enantioselectivity of this transformation by chiral amide induction.
The reactivity of dianions of carboxylic acids towards aziridines has been studied. Although, a similar reactivity to that of enolates from ketones, esters or amides has been observed, the method directly yields γ-aminoacids in one step. The method is complementary of previous results of enenediolate reactivity with other electrophiles. A comparative study(More)
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