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Every year, about three million farm-reared red-legged partridges are released in Spain for hunting purposes, most of them for restocking where the success is very low. Some factors such as the sudden shift from abundant commercial energy-rich diet to natural food and absence of experience at looking for natural food resources could cause a rapid physical(More)
Inland and transitional aquatic systems play an important role in global carbon (C) cycling. Yet, the C dynamics of wetlands and floodplains are poorly defined and field data is scarce. Air-water CO2 fluxes in the wetlands of Doñana Natural Area (SW Spain) were examined by measuring alkalinity, pH and other physiochemical parameters in a range of water(More)
The aim was to analyze the effect of tacrolimus on the aortic expression of proteins associated with the energetic metabolism and cytoskeleton and if it could be reverted by ET-1-receptor antagonist bosentan. Wistar Kyoto rats were divided into: control (n=10), tacrolimus (n=10, 0.5mg/kg bw/day tacrolimus for 30 days) and tacrolimus+bosentan (n=10, 0.5mg/kg(More)
A method is presented for segmentation of anatomical structures that incorporates prior information about shape. The method iteratively applies steps which find object's border considering its properties independently from shape. The boundary is regularized taking in account the shape being extracted. Detection is not directly performed in the image but in(More)
In order to prevent and reduce water pollution, promote a sustainable use, protect the environment and enhance the status of aquatic ecosystems, this article deals with the application of advanced mathematical techniques designed to aid in the management of records of different water quality monitoring networks. These studies include the development of a(More)
In this work, the impact of radiofrequency radiation leakage from microwave ovens and its effect on 802.15.4 ZigBee-compliant wireless sensor networks operating in the 2.4 GHz Industrial Scientific Medical (ISM) band is analyzed. By means of a novel radioplanning approach, based on electromagnetic field simulation of a microwave oven and determination of(More)
There is increasing research towards the substitution of petrochemicals by sustainable components. Biopolymers such as proteins, polysaccharides, and lipids derive from a variety of crop sources and most promisingly from waste streams generated during their processing by the agro food industry. Among those, proteins of different types such as whey, casein,(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse if platelet responsiveness to aspirin (ASA) may be associated with a different ability of platelets to generate nitric oxide (NO). PATIENTS/METHODS Platelets were obtained from 50 patients with stable coronary ischemia and were divided into ASA-sensitive (n = 26) and ASA-resistant (n = 24) using a platelet functionality test(More)
The automatic modeling of precise structures from randomly distributed laser points derived from laser scanner data is a very hard problem, not completely solved and problematic in case of incomplete, noisy and sparse data. The generation of polygonal models that can satisfy high modeling and visualization demands is required in different applications, like(More)