Pablo Rodríguez González

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This paper analyzes differences in exporter performance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Traditionally, it is argued that these firms face several disadvantages for competing in international markets. Few studies, however, exploit the fact that within this group there are some successful exporters. Using data for Chilean firms, we study some(More)
An abscess was removed from the left occipital region in a 73-year-old woman with no previous history of tuberculosis. The patient later died from aspiration bronchopneumonia. Autopsy revealed a basilar tuberculous meningitis and miliary tuberculosis in the peritracheal lymphatic glands, the liver, the spleen, and in isolated areas of the lungs. No chronic(More)
Intermittent technologies are enhancing both the economic and technological value of ancillary services in the electric power system. Some of these services commonly denoted as reserves have been liberalized and are offered in the balancing markets in the European Union countries, or in the regulation markets in the USA. This paper presents a deterministic(More)
The aim of this work was to investigate the genetic diversity, symbiotic effectiveness, drought tolerance, and indole acetic acid production of indigenous rhizobial populations in the Parque Chaqueño of Argentina able to nodulate Prosopis alba, the dominant forest tree of this region. The populations were sampled at five locations from the Arid, Semi-arid,(More)
The field of selenium speciation has been studied for decades and the growing interest in this field seems never to reach a plateau. Although powerful techniques based on mass spectrometry are nowadays used for selenium determination/speciation, few laboratories can support the high cost of such techniques. The hyphenation of chromatography to atomic(More)
A novel automated method for the determination of boron based on the use of pulsed flows was developed and applied to the determination of this element in samples of tap water, ocean water and eye drops. The method was implemented by means of a multi-pumping system consisting of three solenoid micropumps and a photometric detector and exploits the reaction(More)
The present study aimed at analyzing the imposex incidence and the presence of butyltins namely tributyltin (TBT) with its di- and mono-substituted metabolites in Bolinus brandaris whole tissues and in surface sediments at seven sites from the Tunisian coast during one campaign in May 2010. Butyltin levels were evaluated using isotope dilution GC–MS. Except(More)
Anisakiasis is a fish-borne parasitic disease caused by consumption of raw or undercooked fish or cephalopods parasited by Anisakis spp. third stage larvae. The pathological effects of the infection are the combined result of the mechanical action of the larva during tissue invasion, the direct tissue effects of the excretory/secretory products released by(More)
This paper describes a tactile sensing system based on a force/torque sensor for the feet of a pipe crawling robot. Such a sensing system is needed for better optimization of force and joint load distribution and a safer avoidance of the risk of foot slippage. While conventional tactile sensing devices typically provide information concerning the spatial(More)