Pablo Revuelta

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Region labeling is an important task in automatic image processing. It consists of assigning information (labels) to each pixel regarding their position, level, etc. and also information regarding the group to which each pixel belongs. This information is useful for many diverse purposes. There are several approaches within this field to perform this task,(More)
Stereo vision is one of the most important passive methods to extract depth maps. Among them, there are several approaches with advantages and disadvantages. Computational load is especially important in both the block matching and graphical cues approaches. In a previous work, we proposed a region growing segmentation solution to the matching process. In(More)
This paper presents the web-based educational services included in the APEINTA project. The main aim of APEINTA is to avoid barriers among the students and the education. Taking into account the advantage of cloud computing paradigm, the next web-based services are proposed: First, a captioning service, so students with hearing disabilities, for instance,(More)
The aim of this project is facilitate the integration of hard of hearing people in education. The system is based on automatic speech recognition (ASR) and in text to speech conversion. A client-server architecture was implemented with wireless communication which can run on three different devices. The system provides two output files with the(More)
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