Pablo Perez

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Recently, broadcasted 3D video content has reached households with the first generation of 3DTV. However, few studies have been done to analyze the Quality of Experience (QoE) perceived by the end-users in this scenario. This paper studies the impact of transmission errors in 3DTV, considering that the video is delivered in side-by-side format over a(More)
Nowadays, low-cost digital cameras embedded in mobile phones are becoming the main source of visual information. Nevertheless, its use is restricted to simple store and forward applications due to the limitations in the spatial resolution and dynamic range of those cameras. A registration algorithm is proposed to allow image mosaicing and therefore to(More)
Although the delivery of 3D video services to households is nowadays a reality thanks to frame-compatible formats, many efforts are being made to obtain efficient methods to transmit 3D content offering a high quality of experience to the end users. In this paper, a stereoscopic video streaming scenario is considered, and the perceptual impact of various(More)
INTRODUCTION This systematic review looks at the use of noninvasive ventilation (NIV), inclusive of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV) and continuous positive pressure ventilation (CPAP), in patients with chest trauma to determine its safety and clinical efficacy in patients with blunt chest trauma who are at high risk of acute lung injury(More)
The increase of multimedia services delivered over packet-based networks has entailed greater quality expectations of the end-users. This has led to an intensive research on techniques for evaluating the quality of experience perceived by the viewers of audiovisual content, considering the different degradations that it could suffer along the broadcasting(More)
Recently, three-dimensional (3D) video has decisively burst onto the entertainment industry scene, and has arrived in households even before the standardization process has been completed. 3D television (3DTV) adoption and deployment can be seen as a major leap in television history, similar to previous transitions from black and white (B&W) to color, from(More)
—Real-time monitoring of multimedia Quality of Experience is a critical task for the providers of multimedia delivery services: from television broadcasters to IP content delivery networks or IPTV. For such scenarios, meaningful metrics are required which can generate useful information to the service providers that overcome the limitations of pure Quality(More)