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Peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) have been increasingly used in the matched unrelated donor (MUD) transplant setting, but the impact of CD34(+) cell dose on outcomes in this setting have not been(More)
We conducted a phase 1/2 trial of high-dose 90Y-ibritumomab tiuxetan in combination with high-dose etoposide (VP-16) 40 to 60 mg/kg (day -4) and cyclophosphamide 100 mg/kg (day -2) followed by(More)
GVHD is a major cause of mortality following unrelated donor (URD) hematopoietic cell transplantation. As standard regimens using CYA or tacrolimus in combination with MTX are associated with rates(More)
To determine the long-term outcome of patients undergoing unrelated donor transplantation (URD) after a reduced intensity conditioning (RIC) regimen, we performed a retrospective analysis of the(More)