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The family life of bachelors: the single Spanish naval officers (1730-1900)
ABSTRACT Family has traditionally been understood in terms of marriage, which represents the continuity and reproduction of kin. However, this premise has tended to underrepresent the value of anExpand
Towards a definition of naval elites: reconsidering social change in Britain, France and Spain, c.1670–1810
Abstract This work proposes the term ‘naval elites’ in order to provide a new interpretation of social change in the eighteenth century from a comparative perspective. Naval elites, a social groupExpand
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The Spanish Monte Pío Militar: Institutional protection for the widows and other relatives of naval officers, 1730–1900
ABSTRACT This work examines the creation and development of the Monte Pío Militar, a permanent public pension system that was established for the widows and other relatives of deceased naval officersExpand
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Theory and praxis of the professionalisation of the Portuguese navy: The navy officer corps, 1750-1807
During the second half of the seventeenth century and the first half of the eighteenth century, the most important European monarchies carried out reforms of their navies. Naval officers, whoExpand
The Changing Strength of Siblings
The present work analyses fraternal relationships among Spanish naval officers during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The main aim of the article is to understand the important role playedExpand
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Spain: The New Model Officer
Over the course of the century, the Spanish navy was continuously reformed and enlarged with the aim of turning it into one of the main articulating axes of the empire. In general, the results wereExpand
Forging social links through the navy: Elite family connections across the Spanish Atlantic, 1750–1810
ABSTRACT This work seeks to analyse the links between elite families on both sides of the Spanish Atlantic through the processes of social negotiations that took place within the Spanish navy in theExpand
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