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Parasite fauna of paranthias colonus (valenciennes, 1846) from el sargento, baja california sur, mexico
Paranthias colonus (Valenciennes, 1846) is used as fish bait replacing first class fish that have been overfished in the Gulf of California. Due to its recent commercial importance, the parasiteExpand
How Many Species, Taxa, or Lineages of Cebus albifrons (Platyrrhini, Primates) Inhabit Ecuador? Insights from Mitogenomics
A first step in protecting groups of similarly structured organisms is to place them into discrete taxa. Molecular genetics and phylogeny allow us to rebuild the evolutionary history of these taxa.Expand
The taxonomic status of Copemyodon ecuadorensis (Rodentia, Cricetidae), a supposedly extinct muroid from the Ecuadorean Quaternary
Abstract Copemyodon ecuadorensis was described as a non-sigmodontine extinct cricetid from two rich fossiliferous localities in northern Ecuador. It was hypothesized as being related to both theExpand