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In this paper, a comprehensive spatio-spectral and temporal analysis for Chromobacterium violaceum colonies is reported. A hyperspectral imaging (HSI) system is used to recover the spectral signatures of pigment production in a non-homogeneous media with high spectral resolution and high sensitivity in vivo, without destructing the sample. This non-contact(More)
In this paper, the face recognitions rate performance using infrared imagery is improved by adding nonuniformity pre-processing techniques. The infrared spectra contains the heat energy emitted by a face and it naturally present an insensitive behavior to variations in illuminations. Infrared imaging system can be formed by a Focal-PlaneArray technology, a(More)
In this Letter we propose an adaptive scene-based nonuniformity correction method for fixed-pattern noise removal in imaging arrays. It is based on the minimization of the total variation of the estimated irradiance, and the resulting function is optimized by an isotropic total variation approach making use of an alternating minimization strategy. The(More)
Using in vitro culture of isolated small berries of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Sultana, it was possible to study the effect of different carbon sources and sucrose concentration on fruit growth, hexose accumulation and soluble invertase activity during the first stage of berry development by eliminating the source tissue. Berries cultured in vitro lack stage III(More)
In [1] we presented a recursive filter to estimate the detector offset nonuniformity (NU) noise present in infrared (IR) imaging systems. Such a filter was derived considering an estimation time-window short enough so that the offset NU can be regarded as a constant in noise. Since the offset NU is non-stationary, upon the arrival of new blocks of IR data(More)