Pablo Mauleón

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Total follicular populations and peripheral plasma concentrations of LH, FSH, prolactin, oestradiol-17 beta and progesterone during the preceding cycle were studied in two breeds of sheep (Romanov and Ile-de-France) which differed widely in their ovulation rates (3.2 and 1.5 respectively). No LH parameters could be correlated with the follicular details(More)
The effects of hypophysectomy and unilateral ovariectomy on the total number of follicles with greater than 3 layers of granulosa cells were determined at 4 and 70 days following treatment. The population of preantral follicles (less than 0.23 min diam.) was found to be under the control of gonadotrophins but such control was only evident on a long-term(More)
Follicular growth was studied in 16 ewes of different breeds (Romanov, mean ovulation rate 3.0, and Ile-de-France, mean ovulation rate 1.6), stage of cycle (Day 0 or 7) and season (December and June). The follicular growth rates, determined by measuring the mitotic index before and 2 h after colchicine treatment, varied greatly between animals studied and(More)
By adjustment of the electronic properties of the ancilliary ligands, high selectivity can be achieved for either [4 + 2] or [4 + 3] cycloaddition reactions of allene-dienes catalyzed by gold(I). Triarylphosphitegold(I) complexes are employed as catalysts for a [4 + 2] cycloaddition reaction leading to alkylidenecyclohexenes. Conversely,(More)
In recent years, dihydrogen activation at non-metallic centers has received increasing attention. A system in which dihydrogen is trapped by a pyridylidene intermediate that is generated from a pyridinium salt and a base is now reported. The dihydropyridine formed in this process can act as reducing agent towards organic electrophiles. By coupling the(More)
A 50 p. 100 restriction of food intake in female Wistar rats from day 21 to day 42 of life prevented ovulation and altered the size distribution and numbers of ovarian follicles. The rate of atresia of non-growing oocytes in primordial follicles was retarded resulting in more oocytes per ovary. The number of follicles initiated to grow was reduced.(More)
The LH binding properties (determined using tritiated methylated LH) and the in-vitro steroidogenic activity of CL from ewes in the oestrous cycle or early pregnancy (Day 18) were compared. No significant alteration in the Kd values was observed. However, the number of sites was maximal at Day 10 of the cycle and in early pregnant animals which had not been(More)
The possible mutagenic and DNA-synthesis inhibitory effects of 2-bromo-alpha-ergocryptine, a new semi-synthetic ergot alkaloid, was studied in human and rabbit lymphocytes exposed to it in vivo and in vitro. The analysis of SCE was mainly used to evaluate potential mutagenicity, and the mitotic and DNA-synthesis inhibition was explored by examining the(More)