Pablo Martínez Fernández

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The orphan receptor nerve growth factor-induced B (NGFI-B) is a member of the nuclear receptor's subfamily 4A (Nr4a). NGFI-B was shown to be capable of binding both as a monomer to an extended half-site containing a single AAAGGTCA motif and also as a homodimer to a widely separated everted repeat, as opposed to a large number of nuclear receptors that(More)
Quantitative differences in the expression of oncogenes are a critical feature of the cancer process. Several methods are currently available for assessing differential gene expression, but none can be used to determine quantitative changes in gene expression from small numbers of cells. The ability to conduct this type of quantitative analysis would be(More)
The crystal structures and redox and UV-vis/EPR spectroscopic properties of two new mononuclear copper(II) complexes, [Cu(HL1)Cl2] (1) and [Cu(L1)Cl] (2), prepared through the reaction between copper(II) chloride and the ligand 2-[(bis(pyridylmethyl)amino)methyl]-4-methyl-6-formylphenol (HL1) under distinct base conditions, are reported along with solution(More)
Vibrations propagated from railways can disturb local residents. Within this context, this paper presents a monitoring exercise involving diverse track typologies, ranging from tram slab tracks to high-speed ballasted tracks. The results show a slightly better performance of ballasted tracks when dealing with low frequency vibrations, and an overall similar(More)
NOR-1 is an orphan member of the nuclear receptor superfamily, which includes a group of transcription factors involved in the response to steroids, fatty acids, retinoic acids, and other lipophilic molecules. The NOR-1 subfamily (NR4), composed also of Nurr1 and Nurr77, has been implicated in cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, chondrosarcomas,(More)
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