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Red wine phenolic composition: the effects of summer pruning and cluster thinning
The effects of cluster thinning varied according to the natural productivity of each season, increasing the phenolic composition when the natural yields were high and producing no significant effects when they were low. Expand
Skeletal muscle cells express the profibrotic cytokine connective tissue growth factor (CTGF/CCN2), which induces their dedifferentiation
It is shown that myoblasts and myotubes are able to synthesize CTGF in response to transforming growth factor type‐β (TGF‐β) and lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) and this results provide novel evidence for the underlying mechanisms and participation of skeletal muscle cells in the synthesis and role of CTGF inducing fibrosis, inhibiting myogenesis and dedifferentiating myoblast. Expand
Genome-Scale Reconstruction of the Metabolic Network in Oenococcus oeni to Assess Wine Malolactic Fermentation
The first genome-scale metabolic model of Oenococcus oeni, comprising 660 reactions, 536 metabolites and 454 genes, is constructed and exhaustively curated, revealing that nutritional requirements are predicted with an accuracy of 93%, while 14 amino acids were found to be essential for the growth of this bacterial species. Expand
Mapping the Physiological Response of Oenococcus oeni to Ethanol Stress Using an Extended Genome-Scale Metabolic Model
An insight is provided into how ethanol content exerts a differential physiological response in O. oeni PSU-1 strain, and cysteine shows the fastest specific consumption rate among the amino acids, confirming its key role for bacterial survival under ethanol stress. Expand
l-Malate (−2) Protonation State is Required for Efficient Decarboxylation to l-Lactate by the Malolactic Enzyme of Oenococcus oeni
Molecular dynamics and MM/GBSA results suggest that only MAL2− displays an extended open conformation at the binding pocket, satisfying the geometrical requirements for Mn2+ coordination, a critical component of MLE activity. Expand