Pablo Londero

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Manipulation of quantum interference requires that the system under control remains coherent, avoiding (or at least postponing) the phase randomization that can ensue from coupling to an uncontrolled environment. We show that closed-loop coherent control can be used to mitigate the rate of quantum dephasing in a gas-phase ensemble of potassium dimers (K2),(More)
We demonstrate efficient all-optical modulation using Rb vapor confined to a hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber. The intensity of a signal field participating in the four-wave-mixing process is modulated using a weak switching field. We observe 3 dB of attenuation in the signal field with only 3600 photons of switching energy, corresponding to 23 photons(More)
We demonstrate 25% all-optical modulation with <20 photons, i.e., a few attojoules of energy, using nondegenerate two-photon absorption in rubidium atoms confined to a hollow-core photonic band-gap fiber. An attenuation of up to 3 dB is induced on an optical field with a switching energy density of less than one photon per (λ(2)/2π). We show that the(More)
We demonstrate extremely efficient four-wave mixing with gains greater than 100 at microwatt pump powers and signal-to-idler conversion of 50% in Rb vapor confined to a hollow-core photonic band-gap fiber. We present a theoretical model that demonstrates such efficiency is consistent with the dimensions of the fiber and the optical depths attained. This is,(More)
We demonstrate the ability to generate extremely large rubidium densities in uncoated hollow-core photonic band-gap fibers using light-induced atomic desorption. Once the fiber is exposed to Rb vapor for 1-2 weeks, and this atomic source is removed, the fiber yields large desorbable densities for an extended period of time. We show that optical depths(More)
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