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Hole mobility in organic ultrathin film field-effect transistors is studied as a function of the coverage. For layered sexithienyl films, the charge carrier mobility rapidly increases with increasing coverage and saturates at a coverage of about two monolayers. This shows that the first two molecular layers next to the dielectric interface dominate the(More)
We investigate the electric-pulse-induced resistance switching in manganite systems. We find a "complementarity" effect where the contact resistance of electrodes at opposite ends show variations of opposite sign and is reversible. The temperature dependence of the magnitude of the effect reveals a dramatic enhancement at a temperature T*, below the(More)
Solution properties of three manganese porphyrins, in monomeric form, were investigated. These were the 'picket-fence-like' porphyrin Mn(III)-alpha,alpha,alpha,beta- tetra-ortho(N-methylisonicotinamidophenyl)porphyrin (Mn(III)PFP) and two 'planar unhindered' porphyrins, the Mn(III)TMPyP (tetrakis (4-N-methylpyridyl)porphyrin) and Mn(III)TAP(More)
The time dependent response of the magnetic and transport properties of Fe-doped phase separated (PS) manganite La(0.5)Ca(0.5)MnO3 is reported. The nontrivial coexistence of ferromagnetic (FM) and non-FM regions induces a slow dynamics which leads to time relaxation and cooling rate dependence within the PS regime. This dynamics influences physical(More)
We report a detailed study of the electric transport and magnetic properties of the La(5/8-y)Nd(y)Ca(3/8)MnO(3) manganite system. Substitution of La(3+) by smaller Nd(3+) ions reduces the mean ionic radius of the A-site ion. We have studied samples in the entire range between La-rich and Nd-rich compounds (0.1<y<0.625). Results of dc magnetization and(More)
– An equivalent electrical circuit model for the switching conduction characteristics of TiO 2-based metal-insulator-metal structures is proposed. The model consists of two antiparallel diodes in combination with series and parallel resistances, which represent the filamentary current pathway spanning the oxide layer and the possible parasitic conduction(More)