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Guinea pigs were exposed to hydrogen fluoride (10 mg/m3) for 84 hr. Plasma triglyceride and cholesterol levels were significantly increased in the treated animals with respect to the controls. An increase in triglyceride levels was also observed in the liver. The metabolism of plasma and hepatic lipids was studied using incorporation of [1-14C]acetate.(More)
Hole mobility in organic ultrathin film field-effect transistors is studied as a function of the coverage. For layered sexithienyl films, the charge carrier mobility rapidly increases with increasing coverage and saturates at a coverage of about two monolayers. This shows that the first two molecular layers next to the dielectric interface dominate the(More)
Solution properties of three manganese porphyrins, in monomeric form, were investigated. These were the 'picket-fence-like' porphyrin Mn(III)-alpha,alpha,alpha,beta- tetra-ortho(N-methylisonicotinamidophenyl)porphyrin (Mn(III)PFP) and two 'planar unhindered' porphyrins, the Mn(III)TMPyP (tetrakis (4-N-methylpyridyl)porphyrin) and Mn(III)TAP(More)
In HIV-1 infected individuals the CD8 + T lymphocyte population is markedly activated as reflected by increased expression of the CD38 and CD45RO activation markers and elevated serum levels of soluble CD8 antigen. We have previously shown that in vitro activation of peripheral blood lymphocytes results in the appearance of T cell markers on B cells. In the(More)