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We describe the case of a 70-year-old woman admitted to our hospital because of anemia and hepatomegaly. Imaging studies (ultrasound and CT scan) revealed a tumor in the liver. The patient developed consumption coagulopathy and died. Postmortem examination revealed hepatic angiosarcoma. The pathophysiology of disseminated intravascular coagulation(More)
The retrorectal hamartoma cyst or retrorectal cyst is an uncommon congenital lesion. We present the case of a 7 days-old girl with a retrorectal tumor diagnosed by ultrasound during pregnancy. The histological examination was a cyst lined by squamous and urotelial typical epithelium and a double layer of smooth muscle. The treatment of choice is the(More)
Endometrial carcinoma is rare in women under 40 years of age. The incidence in this age group has been variously reported to be from 1% to 8% of all cases of endometrial carcinoma. Women at high risk, as a result of excess estrogenic stimulation are those with polycystic ovaries, long-standing estrogen users and functioning granulosa cell tumors and(More)
The histologic features of regression may be found in some basal cell carcinomas (BCCs), and it is known that T-cell infiltrates have a significant role in host defense against this tumor. We examined 945 hair follicles (HFs) adjacent to 150 regressing BCCs of skin for the presence of inflammatory infiltrates and compared the results against 315 HFs in 50(More)
Chronic active plasmacytic gastritis (CAPG) is characterized by the presence of chronic inflammatory cell infiltrates, mainly formed by plasma cells, involving the neck of gastric glands. This lesion, as well as Ménétrier disease, has been linked to cytomegalovirus (CMV). To test this association we evaluated the foveolar/glandular (F/G) index and the(More)