Pablo Ledesma

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Intracellular α-l-rhamnosidase (EC from the psychrotolerant Pseudoalteromonas sp. 005NJ showed a dose-dependent inhibition for l-rhamnose (IC50 = 20 mM) and d-ribose (IC50 = 95 mM), whereas d-glucose and l-fucose presented a lower inhibition, with IC50 values as high as >0.5 and >0.2 M, respectively. On the other hand, d-fructose enhanced enzyme(More)
This paper shows a simple approach to predicting, controlling and damping inter-area mode oscillations. In the case of a stable operating point with a poorly damped oscillatory mode, the objective is to increase the damping of that mode. That is, the power system linearization at the operating point is modified. Operator actions such as redispatch, varying(More)
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