Pablo Hernández-Morera

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Indoor position estimation has become an attractive research topic due to growing interest in location-aware services. Nevertheless, satisfying solutions have not been found with the considerations of both accuracy and system complexity. From the perspective of lightweight mobile devices, they are extremely important characteristics, because both the(More)
Research based on indoor location systems has recently been developed due to growing interest in location-aware services to be implemented in light mobile devices. Most of this work is based on received signal strength (RSS) from access points. However, a major drawback from using RSS is its variability due to indoor multipath effect caused by reflection,(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The elastic fibres are an essential component of the extracellular matrix in blood vessel walls that allows a long-range of deformability and passive recoil without energy input. The quantitative determination of elastic fibres will provide information on the state of the vascular wall and to determine the role and behaviour of this(More)
PURPOSE To develop a digital image processing method to quantify structural components (smooth muscle fibers and extracellular matrix) in the vessel wall stained with Masson's trichrome, and a statistical method suitable for small sample sizes to analyze the results previously obtained. METHODS The quantification method comprises two stages. The(More)
Tourism and pervasive computing go hand in hand in improving a tourist's experience when travelling, since mobile phone applications are now in vogue. We present LugaReco, an application for Apple iPhone which recommends points of interest to tourists based on photographs which they themselves have taken. Thanks to the use of photographs, recommendation(More)
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