Pablo Hernáiz Driever

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Valproic acid (VPA) has been considered as a possible treatment agent for malignant gliomas. In order to characterise the possibilities of VPA, we investigated the effects on cell migration and proliferation. Human cell lines T98G, A172, 85HG66 and 86HG39 were treated with VPA or left untreated, afterwards Boyden chamber assay was used for measuring(More)
Development of fine motor functions, especially drawing and handwriting, are crucial for performance in school, autonomy in everyday life and the general human development. A variety of neurological and psychiatric conditions in childhood and adolescence stunt the normal development of fine motor skills. We sought to define the normal development of the(More)
Cytotoxic drug treatment of neuroblastoma often leads to the development of drug resistance and may be associated with increased malignancy. To study the effects of long-term cytotoxic treatment on malignant properties of tumor cells, we established 2 neuroblastoma cell sublines resistant to vincristine (VCR) and doxorubicin (DOX). Both established cell(More)
BACKGROUND Disease and therapy cause brain damage and subsequent functional loss in pediatric patients with posterior fossa tumors. Treatment-related toxicity factors are resection in patients with pilocytic astrocytoma (PA) and, additionally, cranio-spinal irradiation together with chemotherapy in patients with medulloblastoma (MB). We tested whether(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Besides motor function the cerebellum subserves frontal lobe functions. Thus, we investigated executive functions in pediatric posterior fossa tumor survivors. METHODS We tested information processing, aspects of attention, planning and intelligence in 42 pediatric posterior fossa tumor survivors (mean age 14.63 yrs, SD 5.03).(More)
BACKGROUND Enterovirus infections are among the most common causes of aseptic meningitis. Worldwide there are reports about recurring outbreaks, especially during the summer. They are favoured by conditions of bad hygiene and contaminated water, transmission is predominantly through the faeco-oral route or by droplet infection. The most common species are(More)
Aphidicolin is a tetracyclic diterpene antibiotic which kills human neuroblastoma cells (NB) in vitro while it has no significant effect on the viability of different human cell types including normal embryonal cells. In the present study, we tested whether aphidicolin encapsulated in liposomes kills NB cells with the efficacy superior to that of(More)
BACKGROUND The role for testis-sparing surgery in the treatment of primary intratesticular lesions in childhood is growing. The reliability of scrotal ultrasonograpy (US) in the management of these lesions is still controversial. PATIENTS Between 1991 and 2007, 383 children and adolescents presented with testicular abnormalities. Ultrasound results and(More)
BACKGROUND Levetiracetam is increasingly used as antiepileptic drug (AED) of choice in children as well as in adults with complex diseases due to its lack of interactions and a large spectrum of action. Secondary graft failure, i.e. loss of donor cells after initial engraftment, is a relatively uncommon but serious and life-theatening complication after(More)
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