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Revoking or suspending the licenses of persons convicted of driving while intoxicated has often been claimed to be uniquely effective in reducing subsequent dangerous driving, as indexed by crashes and violations. This finding holds despite the impression that many suspended and revoked drivers continue to drive illegally. The research described here(More)
Introduction What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial Intelligence can be compared to a natural phenomena, in that, as soon as it is explained with laws of physics or mathematics it is no longer a phenomena. Since the 1950s AI has spawned new computer science fields like expert systems, symbolic processing. These are some of the application areas(More)
This paper demonstrates how induced Communities of Practices (CoPs) can be initiated in combination with Customer Communities in order to increase profitability and develop a sustainable competitive advantage. The paper draws upon our experiences within Lilly Critical Care Europe 1 (Lilly CCE). The unique case study 2 highlights how induced CoPs were(More)
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