Pablo Gay

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In this work we propose a user-friendly medically oriented tool for prognosis development systems and experimentation under a case-based reasoning methodology. The tool enables health care collaboration practice to be mapped in cases where different doctors share their expertise, for example, or where medical committee composed of specialists from different(More)
This paper presents an approach for service monitoring through workflow modeling and complex event processing. Workflows allow the representation of services process interactions while complex event processing (CEP) is a concept for event driven architectures which offers an alternative solution for monitoring and supervision. In this paper we propose a(More)
OBJECTIVE Medical applications have special features (interpretation of results in medical metrics, experiment reproducibility and dealing with complex data) that require the development of particular tools. The eXiT*CBR framework is proposed to support the development of and experimentation with new case-based reasoning (CBR) systems for medical diagnosis.(More)
We present a new framework for business process management based in a Petri net extension called Resource-Aware Petri Nets. This extension considers resources representation at the application level and allows the monitoring of the whole system with its dependencies. Thus, to solve resource usage conflict, agents are proposed to take care of monitoring(More)