Pablo Fernandez

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This paper performs an unprecedented comparative study of Metaheuristic optimization frameworks. As criteria for comparison a set of 271 features grouped in 30 characteristics and 6 areas has been selected. These features include the different metaheuristic techniques covered, mechanisms for solution encoding, constraint handling, neighborhood(More)
To understand mechanotransduction, purely mechanical phenomena resulting from the crosstalk between contractile cells and their elastic surroundings must be distinguished from adaptive responses to mechanical cues. Here, we revisit the compaction of freely suspended collagen gels by embedded cells, where a small volume fraction of cells (osteoblasts and(More)
In a distributed services oriented environment, having a myriad of functionally equivalent services, Quality of Service(QoS) emerges as the key differential factor. In this scenario organizations can dynamically select partners for their core business processes expressed as Composite Web Services (CWS). As a consequence, QoS-aware composition should drive(More)
In service oriented scenarios, applications are created by composing atomic services and exposing the resulting added value logic as a service. When several alternative service providers are available for composition, quality of service (QoS) properties such as execution time, cost, or availability are taken into account to make the choice, leading to the(More)
We report a cylindrical-peristaltic shape transformation in axons exposed to a controlled osmotic perturbation. The peristaltic shape relaxes and the axon recovers its original geometry within minutes. We show that the shape instability depends critically on the swelling rate and that volume and membrane area regulation are responsible for the shape(More)
Current technologies in Service Oriented Computing (SOC) provide a solid framework to drive the interaction of organizations from a functional point of view. In order to introduce non-functional properties in this scenario, the concept of Service Level Agreement (SLAs) comes into play as a key element. SLAs can be seen as containers of the functional and(More)
In cloud service provisioning scenarios with a changing demand from consumers, it is appealing for cloud providers to leverage only a limited amount of the virtualized resources required to provide the service. However, it is not easy to determine how much resources are required to satisfy consumers expectations in terms of Quality of Service (QoS). Some(More)