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This paper deals with the optimization of technical indicators for stock market investment. Price prediction is a problem of great complexity and usually some technical indicators are used to predict the markets trends. The main difficulty in the use of technical indicators lies in deciding the parameters values. We proposed the use of Evolutionary(More)
Nowadays, new technologies assist the capture and analysis of data for all kinds of organizations. A good example of this trend are the seaports that generate data regarding the management of marine traffic and other elements, as well as environmental conditions given by meteorological sensors and buoys. However, this enormous amount of data, also known as(More)
Seaport monitoring and management is a significant research area, in which infrastructure automatically collects big data sets that lead the organization in its multiple activities. Thus, this problem is heavily related to the fields of data acquisition, transfer, storage, big data analysis and information visualization. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria port is a(More)