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E-Dictor is a tool for encoding, applying levels of editions, and assigning part-of-speech tags to ancient texts. In short, it works as a WYSIWYG interface to encode text in XML format. It comes from the experience during the building of the Tycho Brahe Parsed Corpus of Historical Portuguese and from consortium activities with other research groups.(More)
In this paper, a particular algorithm for lexical acquisition – taken as a problem of learning the mapping from words to meanings – is evaluated. The algorithm in Siskind (1996) is adapted to handle more complex input data, including data of Brazilian Portuguese. In particular, the input data in the present study covers a broader grammatical knowledge,(More)
Thermal shock is widely recognized by modern medicine. Its pathophysiological mechanisms are known, as are its possible consequences, but scientific reports in the literature about clinical cases with severe consequences are sparse. The authors present a case of cardiorespiratory arrest after prolonged sun exposure followed by a dive in the ocean. Other(More)
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