Pablo Estefo

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  • Pablo Estefo
  • 2012 34th International Conference on Software…
  • 2012
The software engineering community has produced great techniques for software maintainability, however, less effort is dedicated to have unit tests modular and extensible. TestSurgeon is a profiler for unit tests which collects information from tests execution. It proposes a metric for similarity between tests and provides a visualization to help developers(More)
In traditional robot behavior programming, the edit-compile-simulate-deploy-run cycle creates a large mental disconnect between program creation and eventual robot behavior. This significantly slows down behavior development because there is no immediate mental connection between the program and the resulting behavior. With live programming the development(More)
The middleware for robotics ROS has become the de-facto standard for developing robot applications. Thanks to our experience using ROS we conjectured that the quality of code of ROS is low, yielding a poor user experience for ROS users and posing important barriers to robot software development. In this work we present a first quantification of code quality(More)
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