Pablo E. Román

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An important input for web usage mining is web user sessions that must be reconstructed from web logs (sessionization) when such sessions are not otherwise identified. We present a novel approach for sessionization based on an integer program. We compare results of our approach with the timeout heuristic on web logs from an academic web site. We find our(More)
A web user session, the sequence of pages a user visits at a web site, is valuable data used in many e-business applications but privacy concerns often limit their direct retrieval. A web server log file provides an approximate way of constucting user sessions without privacy concerns. It is only approximate because the same IP address as recorded in the(More)
This work presents a new application of a mathematical theory of psychological behavior from Usher and McClelland and the random utility model from McFadden, to the web user behavior. The model describes the stochastic behavior of a general kind of web users, consisting of the probability of following a hyperlink for a specific length of time. The(More)
Delivery of efficient service through a web site makes it compulsory in the redesigning stage to take into account the behavior of the users, which can be studied by means of a web log file that partially records information about user visits. The reconstruction of all of the sequences of pages that are visited by users who browse a web site is known as the(More)