Pablo E. Pergola

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Oxidative stress and inflammation are mediators in the development and progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and its complications, and they are inseparably linked as each begets and amplifies the other. CKD-associated oxidative stress is due to increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and diminished antioxidant capacity. The latter is(More)
BACKGROUND Lowering of blood pressure prevents stroke but optimum target levels to prevent recurrent stroke are unknown. We investigated the effects of different blood-pressure targets on the rate of recurrent stroke in patients with recent lacunar stroke. METHODS In this randomised open-label trial, eligible patients lived in North America, Latin(More)
BACKGROUND The kidney biomarker that best reflects risk of stroke is unknown. We sought to evaluate the association of stroke with 3 kidney biomarkers: albuminuria, cystatin C, and glomerular filtration rate. METHODS These 3 biomarkers were determined in 3,287 participants without history of stroke from the Cardiovascular Health Study, a longitudinal(More)
BACKGROUND Peginesatide is a peptide-based erythropoiesis-stimulating agent that was designed and engineered to stimulate specifically the erythropoietin receptor dimer that governs erythropoiesis. The primary objective of this phase 2 dose-finding study was to determine the once-monthly peginesatide dosing strategy that would maintain hemoglobin within(More)
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