Pablo Curiel

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Thanks to advances made in ICT in recent years, there is now a wide range of communication means available to users. This raises an issue when it comes to communicating with our contacts, as we have little or no help to decide which communication means to use in each case. In this paper we present a platform that enables users to register the communication(More)
The advances in ICTs have been significant during the last years, but progress in this area has not been accompanied by so significant improvements in user experience techniques. This has led to a certain group of people being unable to make use and benefit from the advanced features and services offered by these technologies. One of the most innovative(More)
New communication and social interaction tools, such as social networks, are not usually designed taking into account collectives with little technological knowledge and interaction difficulties, as is the case of the elderly. This leads to an undesirable increase in the digital divide and the degree of isolation corresponding to these groups. Hence, in(More)
Mobile phones enable us to carry out a wider range of tasks every day, and as a result they have become more ubiquitous than ever. However, they are still more limited in terms of processing power and interaction capabilities than traditional computers, and the often distracting and time-constricted scenarios in which we use them do not help in alleviating(More)
Due to the latest advances in mobile technologies, the mobile phone has turned into an almost essential device in everyday life and one which grants access to a great variety of services. However, a problem arises when it comes to interacting with devices of this kind. Thus, even if most of the population is capable of working with them, there are(More)
Mobile devices have become an excellent platform for the deployment of context-aware applications due to their market share rise, the permanent use we make of them and the great variety of sensors they come with. In this article we present a context management infrastructure whose task is to administer the context information in mobile environments with the(More)
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