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This paper shows the application of an ongoing research project on the distributed control of processes. The objective of the project is to provide a framework to virtually model industrial plants, and to remotely, or even locally, supervise and control via Internet any industrial process by mapping it to a virtual plant. This framework provides, by using(More)
INTRODUCTION The dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumours, first defined by Dumas-Duport in 1988, are characterized histologically by being found in the cerebral cortex and having a histological pattern of multinodular architecture, foci of cortical dysplasia and a specific glioneuronal element. The clinical condition is characterized by seizures with a(More)
Transportation networks constitute a critical infrastructure enabling the transfers of passengers and goods, with a significant impact on the economy at different scales. Transportation modes are coupled and interdependent. The frequent occurrence of perturbations on one or several modes disrupts passengers' entire journeys, directly and through ripple(More)
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