Pablo Braz e Silva

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This paper shows how the so called von Kármán model can be obtained as a singular limit of a modified Mindlin-Timoshenko system when the modulus of elasticity in shear k tends to infinity, provided a regularizing term through a fourth order dispersive operator is added. Introducing damping mechanisms, the authors also show that the energy of solutions for(More)
We discuss the problem of deriving estimates for the resolvent of the linear operator associated with three dimensional perturbations of plane Couette flow, and determining its dependence on the Reynolds number R. Depending on the values of the parameters involved, we derive estimates analytically. For the remaining values of the parameters, we prove that(More)
During the last decades, many attempts have beenmade in order to explain and formalize mathematically a large set of phenomena that, at a first glance, are not well described by traditional theories. Among those attempts one finds the whole theory of self-organized criticality and some statistical theories. In recent years, a popular approach has been a(More)
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