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Accelerating discrete event simulation can be achieved by using parallel architectures. The use of dedicated hardware is a possible alternative in some special domains like logic simulation. However, few studies have focused on general cases. This paper presents an innovative solution using a recent hardware technology called FPGA (<italic>Field(More)
Message oriented middleware (MOM) refers to the software infrastructure supporting sending and receiving messages between distributed systems. AMQP and MQTT are the two most relevant protocols in this context. They are extensively used for exchanging messages since they provide an abstraction of the different participating system entities, alleviating their(More)
Connectivity clearly plays an important role in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and the efficient handling of mobility is crucial for the overall performance of IoT applications. Currently, the most widely adopted protocols for IoT and Machine to Machine (M2M) environments, namely MQTT, CoAP or LWM2M, are directly dependent on the TCP/IP protocol suite.(More)
Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) refers to the software infrastructure that support ubiquitous information delivery among software and hardware systems. Two of the most relevant protocols in this context are AMQP and MQTT. Lately, they have been extensively used to exchange messages conserving network bandwidth, device memory and batteries. These protocols(More)