Pablo Bernabeu-Soler

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Ambiguous keyboards are common in small-size devices such as mobile phones, but they can be applied to other fields such as Augmentative and Alternative Communications, and specifically addressed to people with severe motor disabilities. This research proposes a novel alternative to assign letters to keys, where letters with similar graphical(More)
People with severe motor disabilities have extreme access difficulties with all kinds of web services especially when they want not only to surf the web, but also write some text, e.g., to participate in an e-activity. Several problems arise when using traditional scanning systems, such as the low text entry rate, the time consuming task of learning the(More)
This paper focuses on the relevance of the cell selection phase in the overall performance of a text entry system based on scanning and with an ambiguous keyboard. Most of the layouts are designed trying only to minimize the ambiguity of the keyboard, and taking into consideration only the disambiguation process when entering text. Nevertheless, the number(More)
Ambiguous keyboards can be used instead of scan matrices in Scanning Systems in order to increase the text entry rate. We present a novel alternative to assigning letters to keys by taking into consideration the shapes of lowercase letters in order to create simple layouts, leading to families of keyboards with 2, 3 and 4 keys. We have chosen the best 3-key(More)
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