Pablo Bermell-Garcia

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Consumer 3D scanners and depth cameras are increasingly being used to generate content and avatars for Virtual Reality (VR) environments and avoid the inconveniences of hand modeling; however, it is sometimes difficult to evaluate quantitatively the mesh quality at which consumer available 3D scans should be exported, and whether the object perception might(More)
In the complex manufacturing sector a considerable amount of resources are focused on developing new skills and training workers. In that context, increasing the effectiveness of those processes and reducing the investment required is an outstanding issue. In this paper we present an experiment that shows how modern Human Computer Interaction (HCI)(More)
We implement the use of silhouette representation for collaboration using interactive dashboards. In order to test its effectiveness against other modalities of interaction we ran a guided data exploration task in a Visual Analytics tool using a tactile dashboard in three modes: face-to-face, teleconference, and enhanced teleconference with silhouette(More)