Pablo Azevedo Sampaio

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A great number of techniques were already applied to the non-adversarial variation of the multiagent patrolling problem. Experiments suggest that, for general graphs, all those approaches are inferior to a strategy based on the travelling salesman problem (TSP), in which agents are distributed equidistantly along the TSP-cycle. This approach, however, is(More)
CinBalada is a system for automatic creation of polyphonic rhythmic performances by mixing elements from different musical styles. This system is based on agents that act as musicians playing percussion instruments in a drum circle. Each agent has to choose from a database the rhythm pattern of its instrument that satisfies the “rhythmic role” assigned to(More)
In a Multi-Agent Patrolling Problem (MAPP), a team of agents must optimize a collective metric by moving through a given environment model. MAPPs have a wide range of applications, like continuous surveillance, floor cleaning, and detecting gas leakage. Many heuristic strategies for MAPPs were proposed in the literature using different techniques. In the(More)
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