Pablo Aragonés-Beltrán

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Jar-test is a well-known tool for chemicals selection for physical-chemical wastewater treatment. Jar-test results show the treatment efficiency in terms of suspended matter and organic matter removal. However, in spite of having all these results, coagulant selection is not an easy task because one coagulant can remove efficiently the suspended solids but(More)
In this paper the Analytic Network Process (ANP) is applied to select the best location for the construction of a municipal solid waste (MSW) plant in the Metropolitan area of Valencia (Spain). Selection of the appropriate MSW facility location can be viewed as a complex multicriteria decision-making problem that requires an extensive evaluation process of(More)
Universities develop technology transfer mechanisms as the tools required to undertake missions committed to the socioeconomic environment. In this work a new proposal to measure the extent to which the goals or strategic objectives of a university are aligned with the results obtained through its technology transfer mechanisms with the local community is(More)
The European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Bureau produces reference documents on Best Available Techniques, called BREFs. These documents give technical and descriptive information about the installations that represent a significant pollution potential in Europe. However, they do not provide an assessment of the Best Available Techniques,(More)
Decision Making is an essential activity in the Project Management field. The Project Manager has to have knowledge and abilities to make the necessary decisions in order to finish projects successfully. However, these abilities are not included in the competence catalogue suggested by IPMA in its ICB book neither AEIPRO in its NCB. In this work a(More)
Asset appraisal is an important issue in any country. Interest in the appraisal field is justified by the large number of cases where the estimation of the value of the assets is needed: sales transactions, expropriations, heritage divisions, mortgages, etc. Due to the increasing economic development of the countries and to the increasing complexity of the(More)
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