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Sea cucumber is widely consumed as a putative functional food. It contains many biologically-active substances, but only limited research on its properties in vivo has been done. The effects of different meals containing Isostichopus badionotus, a sea cucumber from southeast Mexico, on growth performance and body lipid profile in young rats were analyzed.(More)
Unsaturated fatty acids are of current interest for their potential to reduce cardiovascular disease, the first cause of death worldwide. By its content of essential fatty acids, fish is one of the food products most in demand among the population. One of the most popular processes for fish consumption in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico is frying. However,(More)
There are errors in the title and legend of Fig. 1. The title should read “Weight gain in rats during dietary supplementation period.” In the legend, “(63 ± 4 g initial weight)” should read “(140 ± 11.35 g initial weight).” Please view the correct Fig. 1 title and legend here. Additionally, the following information is missing in the legend for Fig. 2:(More)
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