Pablo Álvarez-Caudevilla

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This paper is devoted to the analysis of the asymptotic behaviour when the parameter λ goes to +∞ for operators of the form −∆+λa or more generally, cooperative systems operators of the form (−∆+λa −b −c −∆+λd ) where the potentials a and d vanish in some subregions of the domain Ω. We use the theory of Γ-convergence, even for the non-variational(More)
Fundamental global similarity solutions of the standard form uγ(x, t) = t γfγ(y), with the rescaled variable y = x tγ , βγ = 1−nαγ 10 , where αγ > 0 are real nonlinear eigenvalues (γ is a multiindex in R ) of the tenth-order thin film equation (TFE-10) i1a (0.1) ut = ∇ · (|u|∇∆u) in R × R+ , n > 0, are studied. The present paper continues the study began in(More)
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