Paaladinesh Thavendiranathan

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Bough et al. have recently demonstrated anticonvulsant effects of the 'classic' ketogenic diet (KD) in the pentylenetetrazol infusion model in rats. Proconvulsant effects were seen, however, when the 'classic' diet was tested against maximal electroshock (MES) seizures. These differing results may reflect the fact that the two models involve different kinds(More)
Male Wistar rat pups were weaned at 20 days of age and placed on either a control diet or a ketogenic diet containing medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. After 10 days on the diets, they were subjected to one of four seizure tests-maximal electric shock, threshold electroconvulsive shock, threshold pentylenetetrazol, or maximal pentylenetetrazol. After(More)
Recent studies have shown neuroprotective effects of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) in cell cultures and hippocampal slices. The present study demonstrates similar effects in a whole-animal modal of focal ischemic stroke. Focal cortical ischemia was produced in Wistar rats by ligation of the common carotid and middle cerebral arteries. Subjects were sacrificed(More)
This article describes an MR-safe treadmill that enables cardiovascular exercise stress testing adjacent to the MRI system, facilitating cardiac MR imaging immediately following exercise stress. The treadmill was constructed of nonferromagnetic components utilizing a hydraulic power system. Computer control ensured precise execution of the standard Bruce(More)
Truncus arteriosus (TA) is a rare congenital condition defined as a single arterial vessel arising from the heart that gives origin to the systemic, pulmonary and coronary circulations. We discuss the unique case of a 28 year-old female patient with unrepaired TA and interruption of the aortic arch who underwent cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR).
BACKGROUND Stress cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) has typically involved pharmacologic agents. Treadmill CMR has shown utility in single-center studies but has not undergone multicenter evaluation. METHODS AND RESULTS Patients referred for treadmill stress nuclear imaging (SPECT) were prospectively enrolled across 4 centers. After rest (99m)Tc SPECT,(More)
Following publication of this abstract [1] it was noted by the authors that an incorrect version of Figure 1 had been inadvertently uploaded with the manuscript. The correct version Figure 1 is available below. In addition it was found that the author list was incorrectly ordered, this has been corrected in the author list above. between MRI derived right(More)
Accurate assessment of mitral regurgitation (MR) severity is important for clinical decision making, prognostication, and decisions regarding timing of surgical intervention. The most common method for noninvasive assessment of MR has been with 2-dimensional transthoracic echocardiography, which is often used as a qualitative tool. Several newer noninvasive(More)
Background: Test-retest reproducibility is of utmost importance in follow-up of right ventricular (RV) volumes and function; optimal slice orientation though is not yet known. We compared test-retest reproducibility and intra-/ inter-observer variability of right ventricular (RV) volumes and function assessed with short-axis and transverse cardiovascular(More)