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A new species of Solanum sect. Solanum from Peru is described here. Solanum pseudoamericanum Särkinen, Gonzáles & S.Knapp sp. nov. is a member of the Morelloid clade of Solanum, and is characterized by the combination of mostly forked inflorescences, flowers with small stamens 2.5 mm long including the filament, and strongly exerted styles with capitate(More)
It is well known that in order to explain the behavior of devices like p-n junctions or bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), it is necessary to consider the carrier flow both in the conduction band and in the valence band. To do this, different approximations are commonly used to get a numerical solution of the corresponding Boltzmann-Poisson's system of(More)
Four new species of "non-spiny" Solanum from South America are described. Solanumlongifilamentum Särkinen & P.Gonzáles, sp. nov. (Morelloid clade) is widespread from Ecuador to Bolivia and is most similar to Solanummacrotonum Dunal from Central and northern South America. Solanumantisuyo Särkinen & S.Knapp, sp. nov. (Morelloid clade) is found on the eastern(More)
We are making a comprehensive study of the ablation of elemental materials by femtosecond lasers. Specifically, we are examining the ablation of a wide range of metals, under vacuum and in ambient air, using 850-nm wavelength, 100-fs laser pulses in an intensity range approaching and extending beyond the air ionization threshold. We compare ablation rates(More)
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