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omega-Conotoxins selective for N-type calcium channels are useful in the management of severe pain. In an attempt to expand the therapeutic potential of this class, four new omega-conotoxins (CVIA-D) have been discovered in the venom of the piscivorous cone snail, Conus catus, using assay-guided fractionation and gene cloning. Compared with other(More)
The binding constants and structural components of 200 drugs and enzyme inhibitors have been used to calculate the average binding energies of 10 common functional groups. As expected, charged groups bind more strongly than polar groups, which in turn bind more tightly than nonpolar groups. The derived intrinsic binding energies (in kcal/mol) are (i)(More)
Phenothiazine drugs were withdrawn from 17 chronic schizophrenic in-patients, with a control group of 14 patients remaining on active medication. The trial was conducted under double blind conditions over a period of 42 weeks with weekly assessment of the patients by ward nurses. Of the placebo group 35% relapsed, relapse being related to the level of(More)
On the basis of the hypothesis that there is a common structural basis for central nervous system (CNS) drug action consisting primarily of an aromatic group and a nitrogen atom, a four-point model for a common pharmacophore is defined with use of five semirigid CNS-active drug molecules: morphine, strychnine, LSD, apomorphine, and mianserin. Two of the(More)
The effects of a variety of factors known to influence the enhancement of GABA binding by diazepam, were studied upon pentobarbitone stimulation of GABA binding to washed synaptosomal membranes prepared from whole rat brains. The differential kinetics of, and effects of temperature, chloride ions, a benzodiazepine receptor antagonist (Ro15-1788) and(More)
Classical potential energy calculations are reported for a series of 11 structurally diverse substrates, products, and inhibitors of dihydrofolate reductase. In almost every case, the calculations reveal a range of potential biologically active conformations accessible to the molecule, and geometry optimization with molecular mechanics and molecular orbital(More)