PV Subba Rao

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Vegetative fragments of the subtidal macroalga Gracilaria edulis (Gmel.) Silva cultured under field conditions at Thonithurai were subjected in the laboratory to UV-B radiation (280 – 320 nm). UV-B inhibited the accumulation of chlorophyll and phycobiliproteins, and lowered agar yield (23 to 43%) and its gel strength (22 to 36%) under 12 to 72 h exposure.(More)
Viral neuraminidase inhibitors such as oseltamivir and zanamivir prevent early virus multiplication by blocking sialic acid cleavage on host cells. These drugs are effective for the treatment of a variety of influenza subtypes, including swine flu (H1N1). The binding site for these drugs is well established and they were designed based on computational(More)
Donor –linker –acceptor (DSSA) is a concept in fluorescence chemistry with acceptor being a fluorescent compound (FRET) or quencher. The DSSA probes used to measure thiol levels in vitro and in vivo. The reduction potential of these dyes are in the range of −0.60 V, much lower than the best thiol reductant reported in literature, the DTT (−0.33 V). DSSA(More)
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