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BACKGROUND Iodinated contrast media (ICM) hypersensitivity reactions represent a serious problem. Very few clinical data concerning systematic skin testing to ICM are available. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the utility of ICM skin testing in patients with ICM hypersensitivity. MATERIAL AND METHODS All patients referred over a 6-year period for ICM(More)
BACKGROUND beta-lactam hypersensitivity reactions are classified as immediate or nonimmediate. Diagnosis is usually based upon skin tests and provocation challenges. OBJECTIVE The time course of the reactions in proven beta-lactam hypersensitivities was studied and then correlated with the symptoms to determine the relationship between the clinical(More)
Nonallergic hypersensitivity and allergic reactions are part of the many different types of adverse drug reactions (ADRs). Databases exist for the collection of ADRs. Spontaneous reporting makes up the core data-generating system of pharmacovigilance, but there is a large under-estimation of allergy/hypersensitivity drug reactions. A specific database is(More)
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