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  • P Whelan
  • 2006
Because it is a systemic disorder, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is known to predispose affected individuals to other organ manifestations as well as arthritic problems. The serious complications include pericarditis, pulmonary and cutaneous nodules, episcleritis, and rheumatoid vasculitis. Of late, a significantly increased incidence of lymphoma has also(More)
A prospective, randomized trial was conducted to compare the efficacy of aztreonam, a monobactam, antibiotic, and gentamicin in the treatment of serious urinary tract infections. Fifty-five patients with a suspected or confirmed infection were randomized, 28 received aztreonam and 27 received gentamicin. Both antibiotics had a high clinical response rate(More)
Activity of creatine kinase B subunit, as measured by an immunoinhibition assay, is persistently increased in certain healthy, asymptomatic adults, whose values for total CK activity are within normal limits. Serum samples from two such individuals were investigated by electrophoresis, heat inactivation, determination of activation energies, and(More)
1 1 2 Diversification of intrinsic motoneuron electrical properties during 3 normal development and botulinum toxin-induced muscle paralysis in early postnatal mice 4 5 2 30 Abstract 31 During early postnatal development, between birth and postnatal days 8-11, mice start to 32 achieve weight-bearing locomotion. In association with the progression of(More)
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