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SUPPLEMENTARY METHODS AND RESULTS This document contains supplementary material for: Shi et al. Genomewide association study of recurrent early‐onset major depressive disorder (GenRED GWAS); and Shyn et al: Novel loci for major depression identified by genome‐wide association study of STAR*D and meta‐analysis of three studies. Table of
The purpose of this study was: (a) to describe the self-reported use of the methods and products of research by medical-surgical nurses, and (b) to identify attitudes toward the use of research-based knowledge in clinical nursing practice. Two hundred and twelve registered nurses completed the Research Utilization Questionnaire. Survey results indicated(More)
Pain Res Manag Vol 20 No 3 May/June 2015 e29 visits or busy hospital admissions. However, due to important advancements in therapeutic regimes and changes to healthcare systems, these youth now spend less time hospitalized and more time at home. This means youth with cancer and their families are increasingly responsible for managing cancer-associated pain(More)
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