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S U M M A RY We analyse *50 3-D numerical calculations of hydrodynamic dynamos driven by convection in a spherical shell. We examine rigid and stress-free boundaries, with Prandtl number 1, magnetic Prandtl numbers in the range 0.5^5, Ekman numbers E~10 {3 ^10 {4 and Rayleigh numbers to 15 times critical. No parametrizations such as hyperviscosities are(More)
  • P Olson
  • 2007
Self-sustaining numerical dynamos are used to infer the sources of low-frequency secular variation of the geomagnetic field. Gravitational dynamo models powered by compositional convection in an electrically conducting, rotating fluid shell exhibit several regimes of magnetic field behavior with an increasing Rayleigh number of the convection, including(More)
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