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Island arc lavas have radium-226 excesses that extend to higher values than those observed in mid-ocean ridge or ocean island basalts. The initial ratio of radium-226 to thorium-230 is largest in the most primitive lavas, which also have the highest barium/thorium ratios, and decreases with increasing magmatic differentiation. Therefore, the radium-226(More)
We present the Micro-channel X-ray Telescope (MXT), a new narrow-field (about 1 •) telescope that will be flying on the Sino-French SVOM mission dedicated to Gamma-Ray Burst science, scheduled for launch in 2021. MXT is based on square micro pore optics (MPOs), coupled with a low noise CCD. The optics are based on a " Lobster Eye " design, while the CCD is(More)
The Advanced Photon Source (APS) operates with a timing structure advantageous for ultrafast dynamics experiments and, as a result, X-ray time-resolved studies on the 100-picosecond timescale have flourished. The standard operating mode, 24-bunch mode, runs 6S% of the time and a hybrid singlet mode runs lS% of the time, yielding a total of 80% of beamtime(More)
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