PC Roberts

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Daily trends in blood pressure, osmolality and electrolytes were analyzed in a series of 173 operated aneurysm cases who had subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) and were admitted within 4 days of the ictus. High blood pressure was associated with a greater risk of mortality and the development of clinically significant vasospasm (VSP). High osmolality shortly(More)
OBJECTIVE To report range of motion at the hip and ankle in male and female ballet dancers compared with controls. DESIGN Cross-sectional cohort study with convenience control sample. SETTING National classical ballet school in Australia. PARTICIPANTS Thirty-three female and 30 male full-time ballet students of mean (SD) age 16.9 (0.8) and 18.0 (1.4)(More)
A retrospective analysis of the cases of 173 patients operated on for aneurysms and admitted to a neurosurgical service early after subarachnoid hemorrhage was conducted with respect to white blood cell (WBC) count and highest daily temperature. Daily trends for the development of clinically significant vasospasm (VSP) as well as mortality during the(More)
Injured skeletal muscle generally regenerates less efficiently with age, but little is understood about the effects of ageing on the very early inflammatory and neovascular events in the muscle repair process. This study used a total of 174 whole muscle grafts transplanted within and between young and old mice to analyse the effects of ageing on the early(More)