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For over 50 years, communities across the United States (US) have experienced a shift away from small, neighbourhood schools to large ones located on the urban periphery. Two effects of this type of ‘sprawl school siting’ are increased traffic congestion during school pick-up and drop-off times and decreased walking and cycling by children accessing school.(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the quality and consistency of single-use adenotonsillectomy instruments available in the UK with reusable instruments and examine their performance in a clinical setting. DESIGN A laboratory assessment of each reusable instrument created a detailed specification for the respective single-use equivalent. A surveillance system(More)
In order to investigate the psychodynamic concepts of "reparation' and "compulsive caring' as possible motivations for a career in nursing, a questionnaire was given to two groups of respondents, 115 nursing students and 97 people not involved in any of the helping professions. Both groups were asked whether or not they had experienced specific, potentially(More)
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