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BACKGROUND Hypofunction of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) subtype glutamate receptor has been implicated in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia. D-serine is a full agonist of the glycine site of NMDA receptor, an endogenous cotransmitter enriched in corticolimbic regions and distributed in parallel with NMDA receptor. Supplementation of D-serine may improve(More)
OBJECTIVE D-Serine is a full agonist at the glycine site on the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor. Previous administration of D-serine to schizophrenic patients taking nonclozapine antipsychotics improved positive, negative, and cognitive symptoms, whereas the partial agonist D-cycloserine improved negative symptoms of patients taking conventional(More)
A randomised cross-over trial was performed to compare the pharmacodynamic actions of three low-dose oral contraceptives (OCs): Marvelon (150 micrograms desogestrel (DSG)+ 30 micrograms ethinyloestradiol (EE)), Mercilon (150 micrograms DSG + 20 micrograms EE) and Microgynon (150 micrograms levonorgestrel (LNG) + 30 micrograms EE). None of the OCs produced(More)
Introduction: Main group (MG) pallasites are widely thought to have formed at the core-mantle boundary of an asteroid, which probably supplied the IIIAB irons from its core [1]. In this case, the cooling rates of the MG pallasites and the IIIAB irons should be indistinguishable. Unfortunately, the cooling rates of pallasites are still uncertain. Cooling(More)
A new biomaterial made of nickel and titanium with its shape-memory characteristics has been manufactured, investigated, and used in Shanghai, China. Since 1981, this biomaterial has been used in 265 cases clinically, among which 71 involved orthopedic surgery. Results are satisfactory without failure in our short-term follow up. This preliminary report of(More)
In this two centre study, the efficacy of 200 mg mifepristone orally followed 48 h later by 0.4 mg misoprostol orally for menstrual regulation was investigated. The dose of mifepristone was taken the day before the expected day of menstruation. Each volunteer was planned to participate for up to 6 months. A plasma beta human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG)(More)
Betel quid (BQ) chewing shows strong correlation to the incidence of oral submucous fibrosis and oral cancer in Taiwan. Arecoline, the main areca alkaloid, is considered to be one of the etiologic factors in BQ. To elucidate the role(s) of arecoline in the pathogenesis of BQ chewing related oral mucosal lesions, we used oral mucosal fibroblasts to study the(More)
Betel quid (BQ) chewing is associated with an increased risk of oral submucous fibrosis (OSF) and oral cancer in India and many south-east Asian countries. Recently, we have shown that arecoline is cytotoxic to cultured human oral mucosal fibroblasts. This study investigated protective effects of various agents against the cytotoxicity of arecoline and its(More)
Various palatal flap procedures based on the greater palatine vessels have been advocated for the repair of oroantral communications (OACs). However, when the defect is located in the third molar region, difficulty is encountered in using the palatal flap because rotation is hindered by the vascular pedicle. In this study, we used random palatal flaps to(More)